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Below is the latest photos of the Wichita Falls Nighthawks BRAND NEW Carbonhawk HydroSkin helmet finished exclusively for your Nighthawks by HGI (Hydro Graphics Inc.)! This process was many MONTHS in the making but as you can tell it was worth the work, effort, time, and all the attention that was paid to every little detail! This was a team effort that highlights some of the very best skills that the Wichita Falls Nighthawks team possesses! From square one was Jacen Aguilar of Jacen Design coming up with this unbelievable design that stunned even the HGI veterans and had them all talking about this helmet being one of the best to ever come out of HGI, Second is HGI (Hydro Graphics Inc.) of Oregon - which has the technology, focus, drive, and the absolute best staff for getting the job done at the highest level of excellence and making you a part of their family from the word GO, Third was Mr Dave Caroll of Dave Caroll Photography with his phenomenal photography skills that captured this amazing helmet and is responsible for all of the images both locally and nationally, Fourth was Jackie Hoegger and the team of Hoegger Communications putting together the killer video that helped debut this helmet both locally and nationally, and last but certainly not least is a great and special thanks to "The Official Sports Medicine Provider" United Regional Health Care System for always being a great partner and for allowing us to feel undeniably confident about the well being of our athletes. This helmet has put this team, this town, and its fans at a national level where only the big boys live!

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